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Birthplace of Arab Spring in turmoil as angry Tunisians stage massive sit-in over lack of development | The Independent, 26 May 2015

Profile on Bardo gunman Yassine Laabidi | VICE NEWS, March 22, 2015

Father of Bardo Museum gunman: 'I feel as much sorrow for the tourists as I do for my son'The Independent, 27 March 2015

Tunis museum attackers wore belts packed with explosives | The Independent, 27 March 2015

Tunisia shooting: 'We smeared victims' blood over our bodies' – museum massacre survivors tell how they escaped from gunmenThe Independent, 19 March 2015

Isis in Libya: Dispatch from Sirte, where the black flag of the 'Islamic State' is flying | The Independent, 16 March 2015

Tunisia sees solid turnout in vote The LA Times, 28 October 2014

Libya's parliament moves to small port city as dangers in Tripoli increaseThe Washington Post, 28 October 2014

Libya's leaders shelter by the sea as country tilts towards war | The LA Times, 16 September 2014

Tunisia's bitter cyberwar
From all the way back in January 2011: the first English-language feature article on the uprising that soon evolved into the "Arab Spring," for Al Jazeera English.

television & radio

Yasmine is experienced with lives and phoners for channels including CNN, CBC, Al Jazeera English and CCTV.

Television packages:

Migrants targeted in Libya (CCTV)

Libyan exiles find new home in Tunisia (CCTV)

Controversy dogs Tunisia's Djerba Pilgrimage (CCTV)

Environmental Pollution in Tunisia (CCTV)

Two-ways (radio):

The rise of the Islamic State in Libya, and the demise of freedom of speech (RNZ)

Tunisia's vote in final round of presidential elections (RNZ)

Tunisia security crackdown threatens freedoms (RNZ)

Essays (radio):

Reporter's notebook piece on Bardo attack (RTE World Report, 12 mins in)

documentaries & video

Tunisia: After the Revolution and the Arab Spring (Short documentary on youth activists & ongoing impunity that I directed & produced for AJ+) )

When Motherhood is Taboo (Short documentary on single mothers in Morocco that I directed & produced for AJ+)

The Phosphate Curse (Short documentary that I directed & produced for Al Araby Al Jadeed)